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Benefits of Ride-on Vehicles for Kids

Child developmental psychologists recommend choosing toys for kids that support the development of motor, social, emotional and cognitive skills. One of the best toys is a battery-operated ride-on (aka powered wheels). Beep-beeps provides a variety of ride-ons for kids 1-10 years old, all of which provide a range of benefits. Develop motor skillsRide-on vehicles help develop motor skills by learning how to handle or grasp the steering wheel or joystick to maneuver their cars over terrain. Some ride-ons have doors that open and close, and

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Toy Rental is the Way to Play

You may have noticed that toy sharing is gaining traction–at brick and mortar businesses like an indoor playground or online via a toy rental service. From one-time rentals to party or membership services, toy rental is gaining popularity. Kids can try different toys With toy rental, your kid(s) won’t be limited to a small selection of toys. Instead, they will be able to explore new toys all the time. Most rental services can make it easy to find the right toy based on age group.

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Assembling a Ride-on Toy: 42 Avoidable Steps

I need this to be easier. I need a babysitter. I’m sweating.” Toy assembly is underway, friends. I feel almost guilty perched nearby, legs kicked up on a bench and a glass of pinot grigio in hand, while my husband hauls 60 lbs of parts out of a giant box. Plastic pieces, hardware and instructions litter the garage floor. Our daughter, Arabella, dances precariously around the tools. She had the whole garage to play in, but dad’s personal space was obviously most appealing. Raise a

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Hi, I'm Lacy

Lacy is a Minnesnowta native, wife to Dan, toddler wrangler, corporate American by day and entrepreneur by night. A lover of cars, she knows the only way she’ll ever have a Lamborghini is when it’s pint-sized. 

Enter Beep-beeps, a powered wheels rental business evolved from her love for cars, kids and events.